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February 06, 2007

Relationships versus Transactions

Maister David Maister makes the distictions between relationships and transactions.  I had never made the connection before but he is right, transactions always follow the short-term actions of managing where relationships always follow the long-term actions of leadership.  The many examples he enumerates are valuable for building engagement through leadership!

In the blog (listed below) David has a great piece of simple advice for building relationships (which I equate to leadership) which is to "listen for what is different, not what is familiar."  He goes on to caution us that this is easier said than done in that we are conditioned to pick out the familiar and respond with the words, approches and tools that we know well.  This does not allow them to open up.

When we address the familiar we in essence give them advice and reduce their ownership and commitment to the idea or project.  We, in essence, tell them what to do rather than help them think on their own!

Blog and podcast for "Relationships and Romance - new careers podcast episode" - http://davidmaister.com/blog/313/    This is the tenth of a fifteen part series on "Careers" in which David offers very valuable insights from his book The Trusted Advisor and article "Do You Really Want Relationships?"


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