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February 25, 2007

John Byrne on developing managers

Tips_7 As Editor of both "Fast Company"Johnbyrne and now "Business Week" Magazines John Byrne has become one of the most astute observers on today's business scene. In this insightful podcast for frontline leaders he is interviewed by David Maister of the "Passion, People and Principles" weblog.   

The two discuss behaviors such as  * Managers as leaders, *Building employee trust, * Valuing intution as a manager, * Being a manager vs developing managers, and * How to maintain passion and excitement

If you would like to hear even more insights from John Byrne he hosts his own podcast called "Climbing The Ladder" from the Business Week Magazine website. 

Masterclass To view other titles in David Maister's "Business Masterclass" podcast series click here  http://davidmaister.com/podcasts/

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