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Frontline Leadership Graphics

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    A collection of Graphics and Quotes that help a frontline leader understand the practice
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February 05, 2009



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    Educational Practice

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    Now at last, a course for anyone regardless of age, experience, or vocation to learn a skill for leading a group.  Whether it is a setting in education, religious, civil, community, or workplace.  A simple process of 5 action steps you do with (not to) your group members.  Based on a 'best practice' of over a half-century, for the people-part of daily activities to continue learning, focus, and commitments.

    In February 2005 George Reavis initiated the Frontline Leadership Educational Program.  The express purpose is to help anyone who either currently is or plans to lead a group of people toward a common goal.  Providing a practice to lead the people-part of daily activities.  Leading the involvement and self-motivation of associates to compliment and continue, not change, existing procedural activities.  George defines six principles for frontline leadership and a process of five actions a frontline leader can practice to achieve those principles. 

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